NOTICE TO ALL MEDIA and VENDORS: Be careful to download only the publication materials designated for you. Always go by your IO, which should indicate the correct (or changed) headline. Publication materials are different sizes and if you run an incorrect one, a credit will be due. If you are in doubt about the correct material, please call us or email to confirm.

Media/Vendor PDF Files

Media Materials 2009

Answer Center: BG, CNC, DT, NR, SHP/Sharon
Auto Loans: BG, CNC, DT
Have You Heard? (8/24/09): CNC-BW (4x8), DT-BW (4x8), BN-BW (4x8)
Have You Heard? Old: BG(4x8C), CNC(4x10BW), DT(4x10C-BW), NR(4x10BW), TP(4x10BW)

Holiday Hours (Christmas and New Year's): CNC, DT, SShop
Holiday Hours (New Year's only): CNC
IRA 2009: BG, CNC, NR, DT
Mortgage Money to Lend: BG, BN, CNC, JAd, DT, TP, SShop, NR
Now's The Time: Bev Sommerville: CNC, TP
Reverse Mortgages: HTW, CNC, DT
Reverse Mortgages (DIF): BG, CNC
Reward Checking 4.54%: HTW, WT (Year in Review)
Start to Finish -- Bill Lindquist (9119): BG, CNC, DT, WB, B&T
Thank You Westwood: HTW
Trouble Focusing...: HS, DT, HTW
Trust and Asset Management: DT, CNC, NR, TP
Congratulations Class of 2009: Walpole, NR
Westwood Magazine
"You were just thinking...":

Media materials 2008

Equity 12-08: CNC
From Start To Finish: WBus, B&T
Holiday Hours (locals): DT, WT, CNC
Holiday Hours (BG Only): Merry, Happy
Thanksgiving 08: CNC, BG, DT, WT
Football and Thanksgiving: NR
Part Time Supervison: DTranscript, DT
Norwood Day advertisement: BN/NR
Reward Checking 4.54%: BG, CNC, DT, WB, HTW (Hrvst Fr), WT (YrTwn)
Westwood Thank You: HTW
Teens Know It All.... BG, CNC, DT, WT Back to School
Equity Loans (7/08): BG, CNC, DT
Reverse Mortgages: DT, BG, CNC
Norwood Graduation: NRec
Walpole Graduation: WT
Needham Fair: HTW
Reward Checking 5.01%: BG, CNC, DT, WB
"Sometimes, it IS who you know..." BG, CNC, DT
Equity Loans (5/08): BG, CNC, DT
Home Buyer's Seminar: DT, CNC, BG,
IRA Action Time 2007: BG(DIF), BG, DT
Trust and Assset Management: BG, DT, CNC
Now's the Time to Buy (B. Somerville): CNC, TP
HTW: Westwood Magazine
Reward Checking: CNC, DT, WBiz, WT

Media materials 2007

Holiday Program: DT, CNC
Holiday Hours: DT, CNC
Holiday Hours (2) : DT, CNC
Reward Checking: CNC, DT, WBiz, WT
Dedhan Square Opening Notice: CNC, DT
Little League Advertisement" WT
"Bring Your Mortgage Home" CNC, BG, DT, TP
Trust Services: CNC, BG, WB, DT
"Teens Know It All" DT, BG, WT, CNC
No Transaction Fees
Readers' Choice 2007
Congratulations 2007: WT
"Your Are Cordially Invited: CNC
Gail Cass: WWMag, CNC, BG, DT
50-Plus: BG, CNC, DT
How To Advertisement: BG (color)
Life Banking: "A New Generation Coming...": BG
Commercial RE Breakfast: DT
30-Year Fixed (Beverly Somerville) 6.125%: TribPub
30-Year Fixed 6.125%: CNC, DT
What's In A Name?: CNC, DT
Now's The Time...Bev": JP, CNC
Now's The Time (Version 1): BG
IRA:Action Time: BG
Great Rates - 9 month 5.00%-15-month 5.27%: CNC, DT
Life Back into Checking: DT, CNC
Are You Interested In A Business Loan? B&T, BG
Hybrid Auto (.25%): CNC, DT, HTW
Life Back into Banking: BG, DT
Women's Business: 2007
Year In Review: WT

Media materials 2006

175th Campaign: (1/4% Change) CNC, DT, MPG, WT. HTW
Account for Business (3.25) B&T, DT, MPG, WT, CNC, BBJ, WB, BG
All-Star Savers: CNC, DT, HTW, MPG
Auto Loans: CNC, HTW, MPG, WT, DT (6.50%) CNC, DT, HTW, MPG, WT
Business Mortgages (6.5%): CNC, B&T, BBJ (6.75%) BBJ, CNC, MPG, B&T, HTW
Bring Your Mortgage Home: TriPub, BSB, CNC, BN
CheckPlus: (Reg) DT, CNC(DIF) HTW, CNC
CongratYOUlations: MPG, WT
Equity: WT
Fingerprinting Campaign: CNC
Free Business Checking: HTW, BG, CNC, DT, WT, BBJ
Great Rates: 1/3 CNC, HTW, MPG (4.25/4.85) CNC, HTW, BG (Color), BG (BW), WT
(4.25/5.38) BG, HTW, DT, MPG, WT (DIF,4.25/5.38) BG (4.25/4.75/5.38) CNC, BN
(3m-4.25, 6m-4.75, 2y-5.12) DT, HTW, BG, CNC, WT
Holiday Hours: (#1) CNC, DT, HTW, WT (#2) CNC, BG, DT, HTW, WT
Hybrid Auto: CNC, HTW, DT, WT (5.75% / 6.25%) CNC, DT, HTW, WT, MM
Investment Center: CNC, DT, MPG, WT
IRA Campaign: CNC
No Transaction Fees: (Reg) CNC, MPG, WT (DIF) CNC, DT, WT, HTW
Readers' Choice Awards:CNC
Relationship Checking: (Reg) CNC, WT, MPG (DIF) MPG, CNC, DT
Success Strategies: CNC, WT, MPG, BG
Talk to Us About Business: WB
Television: Smiles/LifeBanking, Great Rates/LifeBanking
Thanksgiving: DT, HTW, CNC, WT
Year End Reviews: WT

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