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Ted Hood

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Perhaps, the greatest single individual in building Marblehead's reputation as the "Yachting Capital Of America," Ted Hood's continues to be recognized in yachting circles around the world. His sailmaking abilities, yachts designs, and his acumen as a sailboat racer have put his name on the marquis of famous Marbleheaders forever. He opened his little shop in 1950 in Little Harbor and over the years taught many other sailmakers how to be his best competitors. His experience in the America's Cup races includes crewmember, designer of the contenders, captain, champion and every other category there is.

In 1965 he announced plans to develop Riverhead Beach into a world-class marina at no charge to the Town. His plan met with vociferous contention and opposition and ultimately went down in humiliating defeat at Town Meeting. Afterward, Marblehead's favorite son, sold all of his boat-related businesses in Marblehead and transferred his base of operations to Newport, Rhode Island, where his plans were welcomed and his companies have continued to grow in scope and importance in the world of yachting. Marblehead's industry suffered serious stagnation and, perhaps, ultimately the Town's resistance to Ted's plans reduced the once world famous racing center to a field of moorings for seasonal enjoyment of day sailing and bouy racing.

Pictured above: clockwise from upper left, Ted Hood, one of his design under sail, and
his bustling complex in Newport, now the site of the America's Cup trials.

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