The Hall Of Fame
Virginia Clegg Gamage

Photos by Jody Scioletti
Text by Bill Purdin

Virginia Clegg Gamage, (she wouldn't tell us how old she is), was born in Philadelphia. She started her writing career at The Bridgeport Times Star, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where, still in high school she interviewed Helen Keller. She went to college at Smith College, North Hampton, Massachusetts.

She is an experienced administrator and businesswoman, and has brought those skills to bear on social and community problems in Marblehead for many years.

"Marblehead," she said, "as a single experience has been one of the most stimulating in my life." Starting with the PTA, she was also the first woman president of the Marblehead Neck Improvement Association, and served six years on the Marblehead (and Massachusetts) Bicentenial Commission, where one of her projects was to have the Spirit of '76 chosen for the first Bicentennial U. S. Postage stamp. Other projects have included, the restoration of Old Burial Hill, and getting Fort Sewall, The Old Townhouse, Abbot Hall, and Hooper Mansion on the National Historic Register. She initiated all the work necessary to get the entire historic district (Old Town) on the national registry.

Mrs. Gamage also headed up the 350th Anniversary of Marblehead in 1979. She is currently President of the Old Marblehead Improvement Association, President of the Marblehead Historical Society, and a board member of the Citizens' Scholarship Foundation (Awards Committee). She has published three books, "The Spirit of '76 Lives Here" (3 editions), a children's history and coloring book entitled "Children's Marblehead," and "The Lure of Marblehead," an old town guidebook. She also worked on the Nautica Magazine. Even in the past few years, she has championed the fire protection of old town by working to keep the Franklin Street Fire Station open.

Busy, intelligent, energetic, articulate, and highly motivated, Ginny Gamage epitomizes what the Spirit of Marblehead is. As she said, "The Spirit of '76 lives here," and it continues to flourish because of Marbleheaders like her.

On October 20, 1999, the Board of Selectmen appointed Mrs. Gamage as Marblehead's first official Town Historian.

We are very proud to have her in our Hall of Fame as an example for others to follow.

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