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Submission Information

We welcome contributions in the form of manuscripts, drawings, photographs, poetry, historical notes, obituaries, etc., and we will be glad to consider them for possible publication. We request that all contributions be emailed to us at All photography and artwork must also be digital (jpg-photos, gif-artwork), high quality and emailed.

Payment for the use of materials published will be made, if appropriate, as arranged with each contributor, and payment will be determined solely by the publisher. Our remuneration for submissions is modest.

We use
The New York Times' Manual Of Style And Usage, as our editorial standard.

In all manuscripts, single space between sentences (one space after periods), allow word wrap to function line-to-line (no returns to end lines), and double space (two returns) between paragraphs. Do not indent paragraphs. Save all photos at 100% and do not reduce, unless reduction is made necessary by scanner capacity.

The best system is to "cut" the copy from your word processing program and "paste" it into your email program directly in the body of the message, not as an attachment.

Please list your sources at the end of the article, if historical. Use this address for submissions: Include thorought contact information in all communications.

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