Edited and Compiled by Blythe Purdin

Kid's Eye View Editor's Note:
This page is by kids, for kids, and about kids, and what they think about, what they write about and what they dream about. Please send in your writings, drawings, photographs, and poems. Send them to Kid's Eye View Pages, Marblehead Magazine. PO Box 50,Marblehead, MA 01945

I saw a deer
running through a field,
sheep making noises.
I want these animals
to stay alive.
I also see beautiful trees
swaying in the breeze.
I smell the smell of waves.
I see birds flying in the sky.
Beautiful colored feathers
that all of this will stay alive.

--Meghan Carroll

Smelling a tangerine
reminds me
of Florida...
at the sample place
by the fruit stand
and going on a hayride
seeing farmers
picking oranges.

--Jeffrey Schiller


Kangaroos hop to the top sky
way up high in the blue
without any hopping shoes.
They all have pouches
like backpacks
and live down under
in a small

--Alexa Bush

I see an animal
up in the mountain.
I think it is a wolf.
She is pretty.
She is singing a pretty song.
We play together.
She is looking at the moon.
The moon is yellow
and I am looking at the flowers
all colors...
pink, blue, yellow, red
orange, white, purple
green and grey.

--Belen Hornos

I see a werewolf
and people playing music
out in the woods
all alone
with wolves
listening to music
and the wolves love it.
It attracts the wolves.
They like it so much
they keep coming.

--Danny Mezoff

**These poems were submitted by Elise Ballou Caswell who
taught a creative writing mini course after
school at the Coffin/Gerry Schools