Weekly News Digest 2005
Previously "Milestones"

Important events in Marblehead since the inception of legendinc.com, as reported in the Daily Evening Item, the Salem Evening News, the Marblehead Reporter, and The Boston Globe, among other resources, including the official Selectmen's Minutes.

January 13: The Big Tree fire cast a giant shadow across the Town, just 12 days after Christmas. People warmed themselves and looked to the future with hope. It's one tradition that everyone loves ... well, som environmentalists have raised concerns while others raised their wine glasses by the fire.

But, that was the only light to remember this week ... there was a rather dark other shadow cast by a townwide blackout that lasted for almost five hours from 5:15 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Thursday. Businesses, government, and homes all blacked out. The cause was not known at the time of this writing, but Marblehead Municipal Light Department Manager Bob Jolly wanted to make sure Marbleheaders knew that it was "not our fault!"

Concerning the campaign to create a recall provision for Selectmen who lie on their election resumes, the current Board took a dim view. Mr. McNulty commented that with a one year term, the recall is really unnecessary. Wilfred Gallien, spear-heading the issue and warrant articles, commented that with the Liming affair it has been proven to be needed. On to Town Meeting and the Town Election.

January 6: The year begins with a chilling cold: perhaps more than just the weather.
Facing a growing budget crisis, continuing departure of the most experienced employees and political leaders, and no lessening in the demands of the Marblehead people for the services they have always had, the bone chilling cold of these first few days is perhaps prologue of things to come.

The damage to the Road School Affordable Housing facility was more extensive than first reported. Twenty-eight people have been displaced and the repairs will take some time to complete.

The Christmas tsunami disaster has spawn a "tsunami" of support from Marbleheaders, who are contributing and organizing at unprecedented levels.

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