Introductory Page
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Yahoo ID: calendar01945
Password: marblehead
The ID and Password were chosen for easy remembering.
Just try to forget them.

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Features Tour

1. Second line from top right. There are four clickable links: Mail, Addresses, Calendar, and Notepad. All of these features are important.
Mail: is for mail sent to and from calendar01945. The email address is You can send your event via email and we will input it and post it for you. Or you can do it yourself (see below).
Addresses: this is intended to become a list of individuals and organizations that use calendar01945. Please input a frequently-checked email and be sure that all other information is accurate. Each member of calendar01945 can use this section to email individuals or the entire group.
Calendar: this returns you to the main calendar from any other section of the site.
Notepad: this allows us to leave announcements for each other and all calendar users.

To enter an event, simple click on the week of the event and then choose the day and time, entering your description. Multi-day events can be easily entered by clicking on the "repeat" buttons.

If conflicts occur, contact either the Marblehead Family Fund representative or the conflicting event contact directly. Utiizing the calendaor01945 email systems keeps us all informed.