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Selectmen's Minutes

August 21, 1996

Board met in Regular Session 7.30 p.m. in their Meeting Room in Abbot Hall

Present (constituting a quorum):

William E. Conly
Diane E. St. Laurent
William M. Purdin
F. Reed Cutting, Jr.
Anthony M. Sasso, Town Administrator

INSURANCE. Motion made and seconded to authorize Chairman McNulty to sign the contract between the Town of Marblehead and MIIA. All in favor.

TRAFFIC & SAFETY. Selectmen signed the amendments to the Traffic Rules and Orders of the Town of Marblehead as they pertain to Nahant Street (No Parking), Kimball Street (No Parking), Ocean Avenue (Parking Prohibited on Certain Streets), and Ocean Avenue (No Parking).

Letter read from Wendy Shrigley of 25 Elm Street requesting a handicapped space at 45' west of the corner of Cowell and Elm Streets to her garage at 25 Elm Street. Motion made and seconded to have Town Administrator Sasso and Surveyor of Highways McLaughlin check to see if it is appropriate to put a handicapped parking space in the requested spot. All in favor.

LICENSE. All Alcoholic Beverage License. Rosalie's Restaurant. (This portion of the meeting is on tape.) Attorney Lawrence Plavnick, representing Rosalie's, and Attorney John Doonan, representing George Harrington, the prospective buyer of Rosalie's, appeared before the Board with an update on the progress of the sale of the restaurant as it relates to the All Alcoholic Beverage License. Motion for the sale of the assets of Rosalie's was held last week in Bankruptcy Court. Attorney Plavnick said he expects to have the motion allowed on September 4, 1996. Discussion was held as it relates to lack of evidence of any payment being received from Rosalie's Restaurant for the 1996 All Alcoholic Beverage License. Matter was referred to Assistant Town Counsel for analysis and guidance. Motion made and seconded to continue the hearing to Wednesday, September 4. 1996, at 7:35 p.m. All in favor.

MBTA REPRESENTATIVE. Donald Flynn, the Town's representative to the MBTA Advisory Board appeared before the Board with an update on recent meetings he has attended. Mr. Flynn indicated he is available to all citizens for their concerns about the MBTA.

PERMlSSION. Boston Gas Company. James Moorehead, Construction Engineer for the Boston Gas Company, appeared before the Board seeking permission to place 420' of 2" plastic gas main in Ida Road. Motion made and seconded to approve such request. All in favor.

FORT SEWALL TERRACE. Paul Wilkinson of 168 Front Street and Gerhard Friedrich of 5 Fort Sewall Terrace appeared before the Board with a petition signed by several residents in the Fort Sewall area requesting action to be taken to control unwanted traffic from entering the dead end beyond the existing turnaround. A letter from Ralph Anderson was read in opposition. The consensus of the Board was to have Mr. McLaughlin inspect the current sign being used by the residents to see if it is a safe place for such a sign. Motion made and seconded that the Traffic and Safety Advisory Committee and Surveyor of Highways McLaughlin investigate the area, and report back to the Board. All in favor. Chairman McNulty asked for Police Report on parking at the turnaround.

BOARD OF HEALTH. Letter read from Chairman of the Board of Health, Carl D. Goodman, addressed to Royal Tape, Inc. requesting them to cease and desist forthwith from conducting any manufacturing or other activity at the premises at 41 Green Street until further Order of the Board of Health. A hearing was held at 7:30 p.m. on August 21, 1996 at the Mary Alley Municipal Building to consider whether or not such Order should be continued.

PERMISSION. Spirit of '76. Motion made and seconded to deny the request of Axis Media to reproduce the painting Spirit of'76 on a membership card for the National Rifle Association. All in favor.

TRAFFIC AND SAFETY. No action was taken on the request of Richard B. Bragdon of 30 Waldron Street, and others, to place a stop sign on the southeast side of the intersection of Waldron and Gregory Streets. Chairman McNulty requested the Highway Department clear the brush that obstructs the intersection of Gregory Street and Waldron Street.

MINUTES. Motion made and seconded to approve the minutes of July 31, 1996 and August 7, 1996. All in favor.

POLICE DEPARTMENT. Motion made and seconded to indemnify Officer Kenneth Berg re Case 151131 effective August 13, 1996. All in favor. Motion made and seconded to approve Officer Berg returning to work August 18, 1996. All in favor.

TREE DEPARTMENT. Motion made and seconded to approve the removal of the Oak Tree outside the Police Station so that construction of the E911 Dispatch Center can go forth. Vote was 4 in favor with Mr. Cutting opposed.

LICENSE. All Alcoholic Beverage License. Rip Tide Lounge. Town Administrator Sasso indicated Mr. George Ciampa, President and Manager of the Rip Tide Lounge, has been served notifying him of a hearing to be held before the Board on September 18, 1996 at 7:35 p.m. as it relates to an incident of August 5, 1996. Motion made and seconded that the Board supports a hearing at that time. All in favor.

SCHOOL COMMITTEE. The joint meeting of the School Committee and the Board of Selectmen to select a new member of the School Committee will be held on September 11, 1996 at 7:35 p.m. All interested parties are encouraged to apply by contacting the Selectmen's Office or the School Department.

LEGION BUILDING. Town Administrator Sasso gave the Board an update on the Legion Building. The Legion has begun moving out of Pleasant Street, relocating to the Old Town House. Two tenants have moved out and the two remaining tenants have been notified by the Legion they must also vacate the building. Official date of the Legion being out of the Pleasant Street location will be September first. Then the Building Inspector will have to get an audit of the building to determine any cost to rehabilitate the building. Mr. Sasso recommended that some time in September or October Town Counsel come before the Board to present the guidelines in a formal session as it relates to 30B and the process of leasing and/or disposing of Town-owned buildings.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn at 9:04 p.m.

Patricia D. Charbonnier
Administrative Aide

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