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Quotes for and about Marblehead, Massachusetts

Life without with rich details, humor and friendship would be like ... well, the Marblehead Selectmen minutes. -- Bill Purdin

He who doesn't look ahead remains behind. -- Mexican Proverb
... and all that usual mumbo jumbo. -- Reid Cutting, Jr., Selectman

At this time, I would entertain a motion to retire...er... I mean adjourn.
-- Thomas A. McNulty, in his last year as a Selectman, until reelected for one more year in 2004.

There is a big void of non-information here. -- Bill Conly, at the Selectmen's table.

You may well be on the horns of a dilemma, but you can be sure that I will be on the other end pulling just as hard the other way. -- Jody Magee at a contentious School Committee meeting

There is quite a lot of misformation flying around here. I know because it all came from me. -- Warner Hazell, Harbormaster, at Town Meeting

It is what it is. -- Tony Sasso, Town Administrator

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