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(1) Just kidding, but it won't be long. (Blythe Purdin)
(2) The Bench People: State Street Landing, Marblehead, Massachusetts.
(3) Ben Whitmore.

(1) Carol, (2) George (right) and (3) Nick at Shubies.

(1) Christine Morgan, (2) Pat Charbonaire, at the Selectman's office.
Sue Sylvester in the Clerk's Office.

(1) Betty Brown Town Clerk, (2) Debbie, and (3) Tom Murray.

(1) Karin Martin, (2) Harry Wilkinson, and (3) Leslie Gould.

(1) Bob Peck and (2) Tom McNulty, and (3) Charles Maurais.

John & Patrice Tierney

The Archives