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(1) Off the coast of Beverly (2) Relaxing at the pier
(3) A winter sailing Sonar bears down, mid harbor.

(1)Kayaking towards the State Street fishermans' wharf.
(2) Kayaking in late February out in the middle of the harbor.
(3) The rocks and birds off Brown's Island in Little Harbor.

(1) The old Tucker's Wharf Wall... in a snowstorm.
I started to wonder if it could suddenly fall on me.
(2) The Landing Restaurant's underside from a kayak in a snowstorm.
(3) The gangway near Tuckers Wharf.

(1) Under The State Street Landing. (2) Looking across the harbor 6:30 A.M, January.
(3) Fellow kayaker, John V. enjoys the view off the Corinthian Yacht Club.
Air temperature is about 28 degrees, water temperature 34 degrees.
Perfect kayaking weather.

(1) Just off Skinner's Head, the back of Gregory Street and Abbot Hall.
(2) Shifting the camera slightly to the left, this was the view, same day.
(3) Out in the middle of the rocks off Fort Sewall, contemplating a trip down to Riverhead.
Water temperature 34 degrees, air temperature about 35 degrees. It was snowing.

The Photographer, in his trusty kayak, 5 A.M. July 21, 1997.
That's USS Constitution behand him.

(1) Resting on Brown's Island (2) Early A.M.
off Commercial Street (3) A soft harbor at dusk.

(1) A foggy harbor (2) Off Halfway Rock (3) Marblehead Harbor from Children's Island.

(1) Harbor misty in June (2) Harbor's mouth in July (3) Just off Harborview Avenue

(1) A harbor yacht in June (2) a beautiful sky
(3) Looking across the Causeway off Devereux Beach.

(1)Abbot Hall from alongside the Topher (Abbot Hall from
under a private pier off the Neck (3) The Andrea Alicia.

(1) An armada on the Essex River (2) Off Cloutman's (3) In Little Harbor.

Just beautiful.

(1) A kayaking sunrise at Little Harbor
(2) Picturesque scene at Commercial Street
(3) A cormorant on a mooring off Skinner's Head

(1) The Corinthian Yacht Club from just off the Lighthouse.
(2) The CYC's morning gun, minutes later.
(3) In the current at the mouth of the Essex River.

(1) The remains of a structure near the mouth of the Essex River
(2) It looks like a painting at Commercial Street
(3) It's a little rough off the Pleon.

(1) An interesting seawall of Marblehead Neck (2) Just a little fog at Fort Beach
(3) The Lighthouse in the distance.

Off Beverly at 6 A.M.

(1) A little snow on the rocks. (2) Brown's Island early. (3) A Melonseed just ahead.

(1 & 2) Off Fort Beach (3) Off Lynn Beach.

(1) Hovering over divers in Grace Oliver's (2) Toshiba, the
Around The World racer (3) Under the pier at the Boston.

(1) An up harbor duck's eye view (2) Marblehead Rock
(3) It's a little rough off Peach's Point.

(1) Off to Plum Island from Essex. (2) Jack Tatelman kayaking
off Peach's Point. (3) Dead calm mid harbor early February.

Sunset kayaks coming into Marblehead Harbor in late August.