Touch & Eddy

Completed in 1977


Can you imagine
Being a bluejay
With one leg?
He hopped up onto the
Feeder in my window:
An old, one-legged bluejay.
He hopped around
Like all the others.
Pecked at the corn,
Like all the others.
And when he flew away
His one leg disappeared
Into a feathered flurry,
Like all the others.
He had no crutch,
No wheelchair,
No sense of incompleteness.
He looked at me with
Two-legged defiance,
Like all the others.
But, I loved him
Most of all.



The robes of old
And all finery
Of lace and gem;
Those wonderously
Accoutrements of
A waning consciousness
Fell away one day
And left me naked
And worried
And praying for awareness.
Then, sitting in sackcloth,
Warmer, and
More realistically clad,
The darknesswas pierced
By a needle of light
And, groping,
I touched the hem
Of a garment
On the fringe of eternity....

-- 828


Driving down the road
At seventy miles an hour
I saw dead wings
On the pavement
Crushed and splattered
With red.
Whippng by
I paused in the rush
Of everyday things
To wonder at the tragedy
And at the irony of
Those wings.

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