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Teaching My Daughter To Drive
Landing On The Moon
No! No! Delete That!
Roger Miller & Me.
In The Gutter & Loving It.
Harvard Commencement Speech
Crazy Horse & Korczak
A Poet's Chrestomathy
Open Minds: A Preface to Morals

Short Stories

Kill Zone
The Last Remains
Wish You Were Here
Zachary Doane & The Cat
That Came In From The Cold
More Than Blue Fishes,
More Than Me

Selected Comments

Trailer Park Kid
It's Not About You
The Humble Fly and TWA 800
Big Is Really Small
Poems On Town Time
Thank God It's Monday

Selected Comments Unadjusted

Kayak Morning
President Going Down #1
Life Itself and...
Oafs, Thugs, Rabbits, Deer
Terra Cotta Army
Projects & Politics
Parental Oversight
Roy Rogers
Fertility & The Baby Bust
Best Revenge IBM & 2K
Just One Of Those Things
Mr. President, it's for you...
The Rules Of Selection

Alan B. Shepard, Jr.
Just Another Day
That'll Be One Dollar...
President Going Down #2

Howdy Doody
President Going Down #3
Yogi. Kids.

President Going Down #4
Sludge & Drudge
Presidient Going Down #5
President Going Down #6
President Going Down #7
Sexual Reality Check
President Going Down #8
President Going Down #9
President Going Down #10
President Going Down #11
Republican Pets
Benoit Lecomte
President Going Down #12
The Hubble Bubble
Puritans Redux
Crazy Jane Chronicles I
Crazt Jane Chronicle II
It's Political After All
Newt Me No More, Baby
Spinning In Place
First Stone The Other Shoe
Stocks, Lords, Hillary
Look Ma, No Hands!
Family Values
Welding Wrongheadedness
Lame Ducks or Just Lame?
Corydon, Pennsylvania
Who's Throwing Bombs?
Impeachment Excerpts
Assumption Reversals
What Really Happened
What's Really Important
The Lessons Of History
The Full Monty, Etc.
The Next Best Thing.
At Amazon.Com
Let Alone Another Year
The Year In Pictures I
The Year In Pictures II
Wanna Go For A Ride?
Don't Pospone It, Bill
The Twenthieth Amendment
Miscellaneous Items
The Lamest Lame Duck
Here Comes The Judge
Mr. Stevens & Mr. Hyde
Sui Generis
Pomp & Circumstance
It's A Jungle Out There...
Vietnam Perspective
Those Senate Shut-Ins
Winners & Losers
Keeping The Faith.
Daniel In The Lions' Den
"Those Stubborn Facts."
"Why Internet Stocks?"

"Giving Them The Byrd."
Golf History Is Made.
The Ten Questions.
The Pope & Bill
Back At It.
Trash & Burn
It Was Like A Movie
Is Nothing Sacred?
Isn't It Ironic?
Amazon Dots You?
Lock 'Em Up...
Baby Boomers' Election
On Fame And Power
The Burning Bush
Jimmy Carter
Joe Dimaggio
Laguna San Ignacio
The Dream Team
Give Me Patrick Henry
There Are No Enemies Left
Stealth No More
The Littleton Noumenon
Something To Expiate


1. First Poems
2. No Place To Wash
Our Hands
3. The Ballad Of
4. Hayden Brown
5. And Is Mine One?
6. Go Forth Companionless
7. July Poems
8. Self Poems
9. Touch & Eddy
10. Forty Days, Forty Nights
11. Untitled Poems
12. Pencil Poems,
Fading Poems
13. Untitled Poems
14. Songs
15. Spoondrifting
16, Working Poems
17. Welkin Blush
18. Untitled Poems
19. A Chrestomathy
20. Poems/2005
21. Poems/2006
22. Poems/2007
23. Poems/2008

I'll Ask Her In The Morning
Farson Uiost: The Screenmasters
Farson Uiost: The Seas of Sargasso

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