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Thursday, August 28, 1998


And from the department of "We Have More Money Than Brains," comes the story of "Missyplicity." A 12-year-old collie, Missy, once rescued from an animal shelter by a couple when she was 4 months old, is now the subject of a $2.3 million grant to Texas A&M University to seek out a method and to actually clone the cherished dog. Well, they have the cash, and the University's got the brains. But, somewhere here, there really is more money than brains. But when you actually start thinking about it honestly, wouldn't you like to clone your dog? After all the two of you have been through? All those cleanups, spankings, trainings and the final emergence of your best friend? Come on, of course you would. Now, how about your spouse... no? Well, that's a whole 'nother thought, isn't it?another day. Here's a picture of Missy wagging her way into eternity. Can you say the same? And people call them "dumb animals."

As the ages proceed, his legacy will be segregation, prejudice and intolerance. Even though he avowed repentance, it was too late for history's records. He will be a stand-out for the wrong-headedness of the Twentieth Century, and what a competitive field that will be! If you review his intransigence in Montgomery and read what he said, in the final analysis he deserves what he gets (as do we all). I shook his hand that day and was actually still in the parking lot when he was shot. I think I heard the gun go off. I was caught in the traffic jam and couldn't get to Holy Cross Hospital to pick up my wife. His assassination attempt was boring and inconvenient at the time, but think of all those years he had in the wheelchair. As Stalin said, "I shudder when I know that God is just."

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