The reasons for writing and reading this are….

  • To continuously stimulate clients to ask themselves all the important questions aboutadvertising over and over again.
  • To encourage clients to stop assuming things about the agency/client relationship, and really think things over more deeply.
  • To reinforce the notion that advertising is an honorable profession which requires honorable people on all sides to keep it that way.
  • To show that the client/agency relationship is a very important relationship to both both of us, and that both of us have serious responsibilities and standards to live up to.
  • To show that while the advertising agency has classically been the one responsible for worrying about the client’s “bottom line,” it is also in the client’s best interests to worry about the agency’s profitability as well.
  • To prove that great advertising doesn’t just happen, it’s planned, researched, executed, and that is always a synthesis, ultimately, of all of these elements along with another essential ingredient: inspiration. And that inspiration is always a product of cooperation.
  • To discuss the idea that the advertising agency’s new business acquisition is an important element of the relationship, and that clients should be aware of this and they should actually be actively helpful in the agency’s search for new clients becoming a referral partner for their agency, just as their agency is for them.
  • To demonstrate that the idea of “key personnel” involvement in every aspect of the relationship is an idea long held high in the advertising relationship. But today, things are too expensive, way too complicated, and too involved to leave it up tojust the key personnel, on both sides.
  • To show that the agency’s cash flow and profitability are just as important as the client’s cash flow and profitability. And that in this too we are partners
  • To remind clients that advertising people are different from other people. To choose a career like this, where the normal day is spent interacting with creativity and other creative people, one must be a little different. Or a lot different. As clients understand how thoroughly different advertising people are, they will become more comfortable with them. We specialize in doing things differently. That’s why our clients come to us, and why they stay with us. But, honestly, advertising people and client people are usually very, very different people.
  • To remind clients that their advertising agency is not just another vendor.