The Cottage on the Court
Smith Street Court
Rockport, Massachusetts

Photos taken July 15, 2004
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Photos taken March 13, 2004
It was still cold and the ground was frozen.
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Joy in the upstairs bedroom. View from upstairs.
The main entrance The living room and yardside door
The kitchen (1) The kitchen (2)
Driveway and side yard Side yard and shed
Side yard from shed Side yard towards driveway
Back beach (two minute walk) View from the band stand
Walk along back beach The cottage.

Smith Street towards the band stand
0ne minute walk to here.


Plenty of parking in the heart of downtown Rockport
Snuggled at the end of a dead end street (no traffic)
All new kitchen appliances
Completely remodeled and updated interior
Ocean view (a peek) from the second floor
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