Volume X Number 3: Winter 1989 / #30

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Table Of Contents

• Cover Photo by Patsy Kelley
•  Under The Sea: Scuba Diving In Marblehead
• Discovering The Artist: Joan Colt Hooper
• Dorothy Palmer: A Renaissance Women
• So You Think You're A Marbleheader? Try Of Picture Game
• The Rechabite Block: The Story Of A Building That Survived
• The Sound Of An Airplane: Fiction by Todd Burnim
• Roads' History Of Marblehead: Chapter IV
• "Just A Day In Winter" A Color Photo Essay by Pasty Kelley
• People Pages • Hall Of Fame Photos • Letters • Poetry
• Harry Wilkinson: A Walk Down Cliff, Gregory, Lee & Front Streets
• Restaurant Review • Words Along The Way

... and lots of pictures and much, much more!