Volume VII Number 2: Summer 1986 / #20

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Table Of Contents

• Ecumenical Associations Bring Marblehead Together
• Marblehead Sea Adventure: From Pleasure Cruising To Sudden Life And Death • Marblehead Inventors
• Growing Up In Marblehead • The Smallpox Wars
• Cable Television Comes To Marblehead
• The Arts Festival's Grand Prize Fiction Winner
• Marblehead's Chinese Connection
• The Young Dance Company Of America (and Marblehead)
• Wavecrest: History and Renovation of one of Marblehead's Most Beautiful Estates
• Intrusion! Robbery Victim Remembers
• Old Marblehead: Black & White Photos by Bowd Osborne
• Letters • Poetry • Marblehead Magazine Around The World
• Mr. Whip: Changes, Changes, Part III by Harry Wilkinson • Poetry • People Pages
... and lots of pictures and much, much more!