Volume VI Number 2: Summer 1985 / #17

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Table Of Contents

• The OKOs Bagpipe Band History
• The History of Abbot Public Library
• "Whitey" White, A Marbleheader Retires, Sort of
• Martha Altreuter, A Marblehead Sailor
• The Marblehead League of Women Voters
• Aging in Marblehead
• A South Seas Adventure: Libby Alsberg goes to Tonga
• Red Sails In The Sunset: A Summertime Photo Essay
• Old Marblehead: A Photo Essay by Bowd Osborne
• Letters • Poety • Townfolk Funnies by Cady Goldfield
• Mr Whip: How Were Marblehead Streets Named?
• People Pages

... and lots of pictures and much, much more!