Updates & Legend News

10/30/05 Commissioned to design a 175th Anniversary logo for inclusion in all corporatate materials and marketing.
10/27/05 Hired to design, implement and manage an interactive Internet site for a New England regional financial planning corporation.
10/24/05 Retained to manage and implement a sports world record attempt in September 2006. Site: Indiana. Publicity, event planning, and communications.
10/22/05 Hired to ghost write a second article for a confidential client (national)
10/20/05 Hired to design, implement and manage an interactive Internet site for a New England regional construction corporation.
10/15/05 Retained to research and design a 250 "fillable" pdf campaign for a national insurance corporation.
9/18/05 Hired to research and ghost-write a 3000-word article for an international sports journal, including interviews, illustrations and working with the journal's editorial staff.
8/16/05 Trade show marketing, point of sales displays, and photography for an important International event; all work accomplished within one month including overseas shipping.
7/15/05 Conducted an extensive market research program to discover customer perceptions, competitive positioning and to develop strategies for a financial client. Presented to board and developed ongoing plans to implement.
6/30/05 Retained for the twentieth year in a row to design and implement an international chemical corporation's annual four-color advertising campaign, presented to client's board and received unanimous approval of the new campaign.
6/10/05 Legend hired by a national vehicle credit default insurance company to design and develop an Internet site and market the site.
5/16.05 Project nears completion of a 56-page, full color annual report.
4/10/05 Legend launches an increased "hosting" service for clients, utilizing our association with jumpline,com, the Internet's largest ISP.
3/15/05 Legend completes the first television commercial in a series of five promoting financial services of a large regional institution.
2/15/05 Hired to revamp a New England law firm's website, rephotograph partners and begin an Internet search engine campaign.
2/1/05 Legend retained to update a regional online store, and to investigate usage patterns.
1/20/05 Legend, Inc. is assigned its 16,000th project: a media planning project
1/5/05 Reassigned a international chemical companies media placement and advertising production
1/1/05 A national hedge fund management team hires legendinc.com to develop a corporate identity and develop and manage an extensive and interactive Internet site.
12/31/04 Legendinc.com accumulates over 9 million hits in one year and ove 1,500,000 page views
12/15/05 Webmaster selected as a featured poet on pathetic.com, the Internet's premier poets showcase
12/1/04 Hired to film, direct and edit 8 television commercials in the New England Market
11/15/04 Hired by a national ceramic direct marketer to take over Website management and to mount a direct market sales effort in as many as 30 different niche markets
11/01/04 Hired for an Annual Report incorporating a name change for a regional financial institution
8/1/04 Hired as campaign manager for a state legislature race (Democrat), and we won with the largest margin in history, raising more money that ever in a fourteen year incubency.
7/1/04 Retained to manage and create a national event Internet Site for a world chmpionship skydiving competition.
6/1/04 Assigned to create, design, and place a transitional image campaign for a regional financial institution
5/1/03 A national automotive financing organization hire legendinc.com to develop corporate materials and a informational Website.
4/1/03 Completed a new financial institution annual report, a three-month-long project.
3/30/03 Launched a web hosting component to legendinc.com: eleven initial clients.  
3/15/03 Completed an email campaign for an online proofreading company with a click-to-open rate of 2.37%.
3/1/03 Retained to design and launch a new website for a textile client specializing in glitter products.
2/14/03 President & Creative Director of Legend, Inc. wins second prize in the world largest convocation of poets at New York City's Society Of Poets.
2/15/03 Completed a four phase animated email trade show campaign for a software company.
2/01/03 Retained to open a new bank branch office.
1/1/01 Retained to launch a four color advertising campaign for a skydiving company in England.
  Retained by a law firm to design and launch their new website.

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