The Commandments of

1. Your example is everything. Remember what your job is: be sure that everyone else is happy in theirs.
2. Always put others first. When you work out, work out on specific things and techniques. Technical exercise is always suprerior to just exercising. Concentrate on style and technique. Improvement will follow and injuries will be far less likely.

3. Be a source of profound good.

4. Encourage dissent and clashing ideas. Remember you are not alone unless you make it so. By encouraging others to be themselves you, too, can be yourself. In a situation that values individuals, clashes occur naturally and without rancor. Working towards a common goal doesn't always start from a common place. Working together means working through disagreements and conflict. But as we move forward together trust builds and people who trust each other achieve far greater results.

5. Be forever forgiving.

6. Respect is something you earn. There is no greater tool in this than to insure that you genuinely respect everyone.

7. Character matters.

8. Be interested in the details.

9. Make decisions early and often.

10. Be courageous in doing the right thing, not the easy thing. | Search | Ask | Archives | Online Store | Contact Us
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