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Moses Maverick

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Moses Maverick. Served on the Board of Selectmen for 14 years: 1648, 1649, 1656, 1662, 1663, 1664, 1668, 1669, 1670, 1674, 1675, 1676, 1677, and 1681.

Born in Devon, England in 1611. Died in Marblehead in 1686. First came to Marblehead in 1635. He was literate, married and had 11 children. Considered to be the "Father of Marblehead," he came to Town from Dorchester with his brother to join his soon-to-be father-in-law, Isaac Allerton, and Remember Allerton, his daughter, whom he married. Allerton had been assistant governor of the colony and had his share of difficulties, ending with expulsion.

Allerton's troubles followed him to Marblehead and ultimately he was asked to leave the Massachusetts Colony again, ending his life in New Haven, Connecticut. But first he transferred ownership of all of his property to Moses, who remained here. Four years later the records indicate that Maverick was permitted to operate a tavern on a year-to-year basis. This clearly complemented his business of selling provisions to his fishermen. Land issues appear with Maverick's name on them: grants of acreage at Salem town meetings, court conveyances of land, and fortifications to protect the Town. And as early as 1647 he had been selected along with others to "carry out the affairs of the plantation."

And then, in early 1648 he was named to the first Board of Selectmen. His name was listed first. He ultimately served the Town of Marblehead in various capacities for nearly 50 years.

Places named for him: Maverick Street, Maverick Court, Maverick Cove and sometime in 1999 Moses Maverick Square at the northeast intersections of Washington and Pleasant Streets.

No other Maverick has ever served on the Board.

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