The 'Headers In Life & Legend
by Russell W. Knight

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Schooner Amy Knight ('Headers on the Banks) by Thomas M. Hoyne
Peabody Museum of Salem, Russell W. Knight Collection.

On terraced slopes where ledges fall ...
You hear low voices of the sea
Croon age old ditties to the shore ...
... In Marblehead.

-- Wallace D. Weed

"The people of Marblehead are a peculiar race; and as utterly unlike their neighbors as though they belonged to another age or country. The lines of their character are perhaps a little less marked than formerly, from their wider intercourse in later years with other places, but still they are deep and permanent, strong and full of meaning.

They are a generous, brave, humane, honest, straightforward people; sagacious in their own affairs, but not wise beyond them; confiding and unsuspecting; hospitable by nature, though stinted in means; with a love of home scarcely paralleled, and an indifference to the show and splendor of wealth, which cannot be easily imagined; frugal and laborious; content with ordinary means, neither rejecting learning nor overanxious for its attainment. The very rocks of their shores, the very barrenness of the strand on which their buildings rest, the very scantiness of the mother soil on
which they were born, and in which they expect to lie buried when they are dead,
have to them an indescribable charm. They love it with an intensity of interest which neither time nor distance can control. They seem perpetually to exclaim, 'This is my own, my native land.'"

-- Joseph Story (1779-1845) was an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
from 1811 to 1845, professor of law at Harvard University from 1829 to 1845,
and a native-born Marbleheader.

Table Of Contents
(The proper order is left to right, row by row.)

 Introduction  Marmaracria  Marble Harbour or?
 Or was it "Foy"?  Or was it "Marvell Head"?  The Beautiful Harbor of Marblehead (a poem)
 Wine, Women, and Witchcraft  Of Bed and Board  Heeltappers & Cuttails
 Tom Bowen's Church  The 'Headers Raise
a Meetinghouse
 Marblehead's Real Life
Robinson Crusoe
 He Weren't No Rose Geranium...  George Harding and the Pastor  The Marbleheaders Take to the Woods
 Of Coyn'd Bar and Dust Gold  The Lamentations of an Old Croaker (a poem)  "We ask only the right of casting our hooks into the ocean and owning what we may catch..."
Whistlebelly Vengeance  Not a Bene (a poem) A Britisher Outwitted
The Longest Town Meeting  Fire, Smoak, and Elbridge Gerry Selman's Raid 
The Ebbing Tide Is Reversed   The Crossing of the Delaware A Would-Be Suicide Confirms History
  General Lafayette Visits Marblehead A Garden Is Drained  The 'Headers Paint The Old Town House
 ...Their Principall Diett Leaf From an Old Diary  Peas, Beans and Windy Truck
The Money Merchant   The Cockfight  Quick-Thinking Marbleheader Saves Beverly Man
  Poppy Stevens, Artist True Believers A Building Mover Moves a Safe 
 The Judge and the Motorist  I was standing one day by Marblehead Bay (a poem)  In The Good Old Days
 Snuffy Joe  According to the Old Timers...  A Memorable Meal
 The False-Hearted Don Juan  A Man Of Autor'ity  A Case of Dine and Dance
  Only In Marblehead  Aunt Bess Marblehead Forever
(words and music)

It Has Often Been Asked...

This book was also transcribed into braille by Alice E. Smith of Salem, MA.

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Original Publishers: LEGEND PUBLICATIONS
A Division Of Legend, Inc. Marblehead, Massachusetts

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 89-64311• ISBN 0-9625124-1-9 1989 by Russell W. Knight. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer, who may quote brief passages in a review.

Manufactured in the United States of America and published and compiled in Marblehead, Massachusetts.