The Hall Of Fame
Harry Wilkinson
Photos by Jody Scioletti
Text by Bill Purdin

Also known as "Mr. Whip" in the pages of Marblehead Magazine, in many ways he could have also been called Mr. Marblehead. An honest-to-goodness Town native, Harry spent a life-time collecting memorabilia about the Marblehead he loves and sharing his insightful knowledge in various newspapers, magazines and newsletters both here and around the country. He was a prolific writer, and he always used a straightforward delivery which is more conversational than perhaps most writers, but to us this only added to the allure and appeal of Harry's style.

Harry's column, "Mr. Whip" was always a regular feature in Marblehead Magazine, beginning with the first issue. His love for the movie industry is equally well-known and it has been estimated that he has more than 35,000 still photographs in his collection. His memories of the glory days of movies go back to the days of the silents when stars were "really stars," as he put it. Harry was there taking pictures, collecting pictures, and sowing the seeds of his long career which he continued to share up until his death.

We salute Harry Wilkinson for his lifelong dedication, his amazing depth of affection, and for his unflagging willingness to share his knowledge with all who love Marblehead. It was a true pleasure to publish his writings and to have known him. Harry will always be a "Real Star" to us.

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