A Marbleheader At
The Ryder Cup 1999

In visiting the Country Club and the Ryder Cup, there were at least 100 Marbleheaders in the crowds.

Tiger, Mark O'Meara, Payne Stewart, Davis Love, Justin Leonard, and many more they were all there.

Watching them play was a blast. Listening to them was even more fun.

They walked the course like Gods of golf... and of course they were.

They putted for over an hour, betting among themselves, laughing and always, always, practicing, practicing...never quite happy.

Tiger hit more balls and repeated shots more than anyone...with the exception of Sergio, who stayed later and later and then went to the range.

They had a lot of fun. But tomorrow the matches began so...

Today, practice, practice and practice some more.

And the crowds were everywhere and at least ten deep.