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Dear Visitor:

Welcome to Marblehead Magazine On The Web. Since you're here you know why we've decided to dedicate our resources to internet publishing. But here are our official reasons:

First, we have achieved a far, far wider readership on the Internet than we ever achieved as a traditional publication. And at our height in 1993, we were selling out every issue of 5,000 copies. As of the date above we have attracted innumerable visitors to our pages from all over the United States and from over 120 foreign countries since inception on January 15, 1996.

Second, we can publish far more articles, far more color photos, and do it far more often. Just browse around our Table Of Contents and you will see exactly what we mean. Currently Marblehead Magazine access to over 300 pages of stories, history, information, and over 3,000 color pictures of Marblehead, all indexed for easy viewing.

And, third
, We can offer a much better deal to advertisers who support us. Today, advertisers pay only $25 per 1000 page views by the most demographically appealing potential customers.

All in all, the internet means a lot to Marblehead Magazine. We believe that as more and more people are using the internet for their news, entertainment and for many other reasons, and we have already become an important part of Marblehead's online community. And it gets better every year.

So, please open a Free Subscription to Marblehead Magazine, and browse throughout our pages. You will find some of the articles we published on paper, and you will find many new features that are surprising and innovative. Our parent site,, and has been named one of the Top 100 sites on the internet many times and offers many internet features of its own.

Starting in January 2000 we launched our Online Store, which features many unique items for sale, and all of the "back issues" of Marblehead Magazine, while they last.

We are pleased to offer you this new, universally available digital format and we hope you can forgive us for ending the traditional publishing format, but the future of publishing for us is right here on the world wide web.

Tell your friends about, and come back often. And remember to open a Free Subscription, because it makes a difference for us in funding the site through the minimal advertising that we do accept. It's free, and it helps. Thanks.

All the best,

Bill Purdin, Publisher & Editor

P.S. Here is a quote from the preface of the St. Johnsbury, Vermont Town Plan, that was the inspiration for our original and for our continuing efforts:

"There is need for intimate human relationships, for the security of settled home and associations, for spiritual unity, and for orderly transmission of the basic cultural inheritance. These the small community at its best can supply. Whoever keeps the small community at its best, whoever clarifies, refines, and strengthens the vision of the small community, may have more to do with the final emergence of a great society that those who dominate big business and big government."