Harbor Women's Club

by Connie Deschenes

Audrey Hufnagle, Nominations Committee and Helen Macheras, Inspirations, 1987

The year, 1992, was a year of special celebrations for the club members because, to quote past president Rita Cahill, "It is a rarity today for a women's club to continue on this long." What is the secret? Mary Reintges, this year's president, believes it is "the dedication the members have to be of service to the community, while enjoying the comradeship of other women."

Many club members have spanned the years of early marriage, child rearing, rising careers and even retirement during their years of membership. In the beginning few members were working women, and the club was able to put on elaborate events. As the women joined the work force, many found the club a source of networking in their job searches, and then a way to stay in touch with friends as their time became more restricted. Today, with most members working full or part time, the demands on each member have been lessened. Ann Langan, a long-time member, states: "We pride ourselves on our ability to put together exciting events with a small amount of help from each member, in lieu of our former time-consuming projects."

Nancy Martin, Corresponding Secretary and Rita Cahill, Membership Chairman, 1987

A recent pool party at the home of Carol and Jerry Kennedy, catered by Peter Johnson, is an example of more recent social activities. However the theme of "community service" permeates most of the activities. In the spring there's a fund-raiser with money donated to the Scholarship fund. Pat Adams, another long-time member, tells us that "three $200 scholarships were given to three deserving Marblehead High School Seniors." Money was also given to the YMCA, the Girl Scouts, the Lee Mansion and My Brother's Table.

The Christmas Party has varied from a "gift swap", to money donations given to HAWK of Salem, an organization that helps abused women, to singing Christmas carols from the Salem Trolley as it rolls through Marblehead. The Annual Meeting is always held in a special restaurant like Rosalies or the Lyceum in Salem, plus each year brings different fund raisers like "The Black Cat Ball" and the 1973 Christmas Fair that raised $3600 for the Shriner's Hospital in Boston.

Members hope the club will continue for another 30 years, and will see many new faces to share the fun with the earlier members.

Linda Weltner speaks at Harbor Women's Club (above right)
Connie Deschene is a long-time resident of Marblehead, and a long-time member of the Harbor Women's Club.