Marblehead Selectmen Minutes

December 14 Fair Housing Committee update, Mark A. Klopfer interview, street banners, "Ring Around The Neck," road race, Traffic and Safety Committee, license renewals, passing of Bob Sinclair noted, executive session for collective bargaining.
public session: 30 minutes, executive session: unknown duration.
December 20 Grant application, Traffic and Safety Committee, licenses, Cal Powers elected, unopposed, to Retirement Board, TA Sasso optimistic with a FY2007 $388,812 surplus so far, Amy Drinker reports of Superintendent Search Committee progress.
One hour, 54 minutes.
January 11 Sandwich Boards, licenses, Web Site announcement, revolving funds, Charlotte Tannheimer resigns, Comcast ups prices, Water/Sewer rescinds, passing of Sarah Tommey noted.
1 hour, 16 minutes.
January 25 Superintendent search committee update, Historical Commission update, Traffic and Safety, Recreation revolving fund, bike race permission, walk permission, Board of Health revolving fund, Festival of Arts permissions, Jack Tar entertainment, sandwich boards, Abbot Hall bell ringing on Washington's Birthday, restaurant licensing name change, Chief Carney's notice of intent to retire, Belf-Becker appointed to Superintendent Search committe.
40 minutes.

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