Currently working on project #17,200+.


Two page advertisement in the New England maarket.

Duratherm FACEBOOK: an original design utilizinf Facebook's newest feature to give the company a strong Facebook presence.

Worldwide custom chemical manufacturing company site (full CMS), including a worldwide, interactive map and an in-depth, proprietary database to search the company's entire product array including specific formula selectors for every industry they serve and for an array of features, properties, test specifications and environmental factors.

This is the first such online database in their industry, a true innovation.

The world's finest manufacturer of custom hardwood windows. We were hired to modernize and manage their brand. In the process, were contracted to participate in the selection of a design firm and to consult on the content, user experience, functionality and technology of this site. We are also conducting an extensive Internet marketing campaign and SEO campaign for the integration of this new (CMS) site into their overall marketing. Working with one of New England's premier design firms, Design & Co. of Carlisle, Massachusetts was a pleasure in every way from start to finish.

Duratherm CONNECT: An intra-site for Duratherm, designed and maintained by Legend, Inc. This site is intended to aggregate all of the interactive functionality not needed in the main site, but potentially very popular with customers and employees. It includes a blog-center, a communication matrix, the complete social network, an FTP (upload/download) center, a complex and proprietary (developed by Legend, Inc.) or over 2,000 project photographs. It will also contain an employee center, a resources for employees on all things Duratherm.

New logo and two advertisements. Plus the beginnings of a company
narrative and image positioning. This client is in a very competitive market.

A new cover for the comapny's all-important proposal presentation.

QRCS for all clients and QRC campaigns for some.


Mortgage Flyer

Copy and concept development for Liquid Robotics, Inc
Sunnyvale, California

Fourth advertisement in a series.

Construction company site and materials

Site and materials for a stone mason, a really good stone mason.

A custom developed photo archive, searchable by unlimited variables
with a capacity for up 5,000 high resolution photos. We worked with
a French developer and our Intermarketing group. This archive solved
a decade-old problem for a new client.

New corporate logo for America's premier
custom hardwood window manufacturer

National Campaign: advertisement #3

Barcode scan online contest campaign to test media results.

MarbleheadMagazine.com remake

Copy development site: Duratherm

Copy development site: Follica, Inc.

Copy Development site: MGAC

Political site for an override election.

Political Site

Washington D. C. market

Part of a Lecture Series

Flyer (click for full view)

A Spanish language site for a client.

Logo work sheets

Logo work sheets

A commercial service brochure. (click on images for readable copies)

Commercial Advertising

Business Banking Concept Logo

Full page for an Architectural publication, first of a campaign.


Public Relations campaign in Iowa and Northeast US
approximately 9,500 media outlets (print, broadcast, online)
ClipTrak showed over 2,000 placements.

An 85-page year-end report and slide show presentation.

Websitte for a regional Insurance Agency.

Legend Advertising promotional brochure

New Site design

A daily Constant Contact email newsletter

Lobby Sign

Community Advertising

180th Anniversary Logo options development

Major site upgrade.

Drafted a branding report for the world's finest
Architectural windows and doors manufacturer.

Took over a new (NH) client's Google Adwords Campaign.

A Daily Blog Update on the Energy Market

A technical pocketfolder

Small advertisement for a retirement publication

Campaign: Invitation to Switch

Internet traffic builder

Lobby Signs and Counter Cards

Candidate Web site (WordPress)

Logo and an inexpensive WordPress website for a small client

Four page newsletter

Bankwide community Free Shredding event

Client support advertisement for Habitat for Humanity

Self-mailer for a proofreading client.

50-page slideshow

Online advertising animated gif

Interactive DVD Brochure

Interactive Word Press format Internet Site

Interactive Internet Site

Chinese Version




Rainy Day, Inc. Flyer for a new product.

Logo option.

Union Specialties CD Brochure

Legend, Inc. advertisement

United Global Shared Service logo

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