The Project Log

An Online Advertising Newsletter

A newsletter has to live up to its name or it won't be around for long.
The purposes of this newsletter are many, and direct:

  To continuously stimulate the reader to ask all the important questions over and over again.
  To get him or her to stop assuming things about the agency/client relationship, and think it over.
  To reinforce the notion that advertising is an honorable profession which requires honorable people to keep it that way.
  To show that the client/agency relationship is a very important relationship to both parties, and that both parties have serious responsibilities and standards to live up to.
  That while the advertising agency has classically been the one responsible for worrying about the client's "bottom line," it is also in the client's best interests to worry about the agency's profitability.
  To prove that great advertising doesn't just happen, it's planned, it's researched, it's executed, and then it's often a synthesis, ultimately, of all of these elements along with another essential ingredient: inspiration.
  To discuss the idea that the advertising agency's new business acquisition is an important element of the relationship, and that clients should be aware of this and they should actually be actively helpful in the agency's search for new clients.
  To show that the idea of "key-personnel" involvement in every aspect of the relationship is an idea whose time has come and gone. Things are too expensive, way too complicated, and too involved to leave it up to just the key personnel, even in a small agency. The team approach is an idea whose time has now come.
  To show that clients need to be aware of agency bookkeeping and business practices as possible. Disclaimer agencies, client trust accounts and client protections should all be part of the initial selection process.
  To help everyone remember that people who go into advertising are different from other people. To choose a business like this, where the normal day is spent interacting with creativity and creative people, one must be a little different. Or a lot different. As clients understand how thoroughly different advertising people are, they will be more comfortable. We specialize in doing things differently. That's why our clients come to us, and why they stay with us.

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