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Dear (Mr./Mrs./Ms.) Last:

The call came in at 5:30 P.M. on Friday.

The Vice President of Marketing of an international communications company was calling. Expanding its business into the United States for the first time, his company was searching for an experienced and creative advertising agency to design and produce an important brochure in a hurry. There was a trade show being held in New York in just two weeks. It was an important target of opportunity, and they were looking for a distinctly American tone and design. We knew it would be a challenge.

A new client and a complicated first project. First-time art development, including logos, graphics, typography, formats, and photography.
A project of this scope would normally take four weeks of production time plus seven to ten days for printing. The deadline for his job allowed us only ten business days total.
This was a European company, enjoying great successes in their market. Their brochures, packaging, and instruction manuals were written in German and would require translation, rewriting, and editing for the US market.
Much time and confidence had been lost with the first
agency they had chosen. After four weeks of work they had declared the client, "too difficult to work's demands were too high and miscommunications resulted in too many hours of wasted work..."

After some soul-searching, we committed ourselves to the project.

Two weeks of long days, late nights, and numerous intensive meetings with the client at all hours of the day and night (and weekends) ensued. Our first-pass presentation was unsuccessful. (We were having visions of their first agency.) But, as we discussed things further, clarification and understanding developed, and from then on the process smoothed out and accelerated. We developed a consensus design, we worked through all of the changes and technical corrections, and we delivered the finished product, on time and on budget, as promised, just in time for the flight to New York. Their trade show was a tremendous success, and the company's future in the United States looks very promising. They immediately ordered another project with Legend, not rush.

And by the way, that project was number 13,720 for our agency.

If you are searching for a new agency or additional creative resources, please keep Legend in mind. We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you, to hear about your current advertising and marketing challenges, and to show you our portfolio. We are not a large, complex advertising agency, but after 14,000 successful creative projects, we know that what we offer creatively and operationally, is one of the best values around.

All the best,

Bill Purdin
President & Creative Director

P.S. For a deeper look at Legend, visit our web site, There is a small sample of portfolio pieces that you can review along with our company overview, key personnel, business practices, and a periodic newsletter. Also, the project discussed above is in the high technology section of our portfolio.