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(1) Into the wind off Chandler Hovey Park. (2) Up from State Street Landing,
looking to the Harbor's mouth.
(3) Kayaking into Little Harbor. (4) Low tidew at Fort Beach.

(1) Harbor Painting. (2) Geologic Point off Devereux Beach.
(3) Marblehead Rock and Cat Island Bell.

(1) It's like a dream sequence, really. Every morning at 6:00 A.M. (2) Ram Island.
(3) Here comes the empty harbor syndrome. It's thinning out every day.


(1) Looking back at Marblehead from Ocean Avenue at sunset
(2) Looking down the Harbor from Riverhead Beach.

(1) Just another Marblehead morning in early September.
(2) If you lived here you'd be home a lot more. Just another mansion by the sea in Marblehead.
(3) Don't forget to pick up the mail.

(1) A misty Fort Sewall Beach.
(2) A nice view from the Fort.
(3) Labor Day at Devereux Beach

Tucker tie-up.

The Harbormater's boat at Tucker's Wharf.

Little Harbor (Brown's and Gerry Islands) at low tide in mid-September.

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Just a few shallops, tied up at the Landing. In Marblehead, Massachusetts.

The Corinthian at sunset.

A peaceful moment near Harbor's end.

The Harbor emerging from a late summer haze.

Commercial Street Wharf in early September, in Marblehead, Massachusetts,
a Town settled in 1631 as a fishing village. Where once the fish were so
plentiful, fishermen used baskets to scoop cod and haddock out of the water
by the dozen and where lobsters could be gathered by walking on the beaches
and just picking them out of the ebbing tide.

Just another shot of Cloutman's, like the one below. It almost looks like a painting.

Cloutman's Wharf with a hazy, late summer, harbor in the background.

Brown's Island during an Indian Summer day in early September.

Abbot Hall from the Causeway, early September.