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(1) The estuary in late November, just a few days ago.
(2) The Home crowd at the Marblehead/Swampscott Thanksgiving Game
(2) Happiness is running like a blur.
(3) It's cold, but still beautiful.

(1) Cat on a fence on Water Street.
(2) Looking upharbor from Cloutman's Boatyard.
(3) Only the lonely are still in the Harbor now.

(1) Late Fall view of the float at State Street around noon.
(2) A November view of the Harbor to Skinner's Head.
(3) A sunset off Ocean Avenue looking towards the Boston skyline.

(1) I know, it's just another sunrise. But, hey, it is another sunrise.
(2) Kinda glassy around Brown's Island. (3) Just another morning tie-up.

(1) Have a sunrise Thanksgiving. (2) Happiness is coffee together at
The Landing. Decaf, of course. (3) Marblehead Rock at sunrise.

(1) Redd's Pond (2 ) These next two photos are similar, but really very different, if you take a moment.
(3) Little Harbor sunrise. Nice, huh? You said you wanted more

(1) Harbor Silhouettes I (2) Harbor Silhouettes II
(3) Halfway Rock and Tinker's Bell in early November, just before sunrise.

Gashouse Beach in the early Fall.