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The gulls near Fort Beach at sunrise.
Abbot Hall & The Boston Yacht Club from the harbor.

(1) The 18th green and fairway from the first tee of Tedesco Country Club.
(Photo by Thomas E. Peckham)
(2) Little Harbor Sunrise in October, 1988 (3) Off to work we go.

(1) An early May sunrise through the trees at Fort Sewall.
(2) Just another lighthouse sunrise.
(3) Sunrise painting. (4) A view of a fisherman's shanty near Little Harbor.

(1) A quiet spot along Marblehead Harbor in early May.
(2) Abbot Hall from the rocks along the harborside Causeway in mid May
(3) Rounding Tinker's Gong.

(1) It really happened, just like this. (2) One of the nicest corners in the world.
You could've seen it this morning.
(3) Double rainbow over the harbor. (Photo by Chris Shea)
(4) View from Tupsides on Foster Street on May 8th.

(1) At Fort Sewall, looking towards Beverly.
(2) Just like a postcard. Marblehead, Massachusetts in mid May.
(3) Up harbor in late April. Today, it looks quite different.
(4) The West Shore side of the Harbor in late May.

(1) Pickett Fences just off Lookout Court. (Photo by Blythe Purdin)
(2) A widow walk at Fort Sewall, Marblehead, Massachusetts.
(3) The Second Annual Walk For A Beautiful Town, May 1, 1999.
( 4) Down harbor.

(1) Tinker's Island from the end of Desmoulins Lane, on a hazy day.
(2) Abbot Hall from the grassy knoll at Chandler Hovey Park.
(3) Abbot Hall from the shadows of Chandler Hovey Park in late April.

(1) Devereux Beach on a windy Saturday in May.
(2) Just another sunset.
(3) One one of the most photographed sites on Lake Erie. It is the Great Lakes oldest active lighthouse.
It's name: Marblehead Light, Marblehead, Ohio.

(1) Two tourists, one from Wisconsin and one from Worcester.
They came to Marblehead after the death of a friend who
loved the Good Old Town. "We wanted to see it for ourselves."
I directed them to Abbot Hall and lunch at the
Driftwood. And, I recommended a stroll around Fort Sewall afterwards.
(2) Spruced-up Fort Sewall Dungeons, in Marblehead, Massachusetts.
(3) Willy says, "Don't hesitate to stick your neck out sometimes.
(Also see WillyOnTheWeb)