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(1) It's all in the eye of the beholder. (2) Making moorings in March at Riverhead Beach.

(1) The remnants of a double rainbow fading from Riverhead.
(2) A sunset over Riverhead Beach.
(3) Abbot Hall from Chandler Hovey Park in mid March.
(4) Kind of a nice sky?

(1) Pierposts at Juniper Cove. (2) Spring is on the way.
(3) Pierposts under State Street Landing in early March at low tide.

(1) A portrait of excitment: the mighty Muscobe on the fly.
(2) Like gun barrels aimed and ready to go.
(3) The tide is coming in.

(1) Marblehead's wonderful estuary on March 15, 1999.
(2) Get ready. Here comes spring.
(3) Marbleheader Robert Graves and his favorite T-shirt.
(The names of all members of his High School class are within the "M.")
(4) The Town benches at the top of Fort Sewall.

(1) Getting ready to kayak in Little Harbor this past weekend.
(2) Mid-harbor on March 13, 1999. Water temperature:
36 degrees. Air temperature: 36 degrees.
(3) Just another March day, in Marblehead, Massachusetts. 3/15/99

(1) Just driving by, I snapped this out the window. Just another
day around Marblehead, in late February.
(2) Alan Burke, reporter for The Salem Evening
News with the famous bust of Elbridge T. Gerry,
Vice President of the United States under
James Madison, and Marblehead's most famous figure.
(3) A recent rescue scene at Mystic Road.