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Photos by Bill Purdin

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(1) Dinghy at Fort Beach. (2) Off Fort Beach.

(1) Eastern Yacht Club flags flying high in the warm summer sky.
(2) The view from a driveway near Point 'O Rocks Lane on Marblehead Neck.

(1) Foggy Fort Sewall Harbor near the end of June.
(2) 5 AM A lone fisherman checks the traps.
(3) View along the wall at Devereux Beach.

(1) A dead-eye's view in mid June.
(2) Commercial Street Area at the end of June.
(3) A man (George) at a crosswalk in life.

(1) Stormy seas off Chandler Hovery on June 11th.
(2) The estuary. (3) The Harbor at the end of July.

(1) The Old Town House, straight up. (2) Rough waters in mid June at the Harbor's mouth.
(3) The world-famous view from Lookout Court, taken May 12th.

(1) Gull on a rail. (2) The mouth of the harbor in a light fog.
(3) Fixing a mast in Marblehead Harbor.
(4) Abbot Hall from lower Lee Street

(1) State Street Landing June 1st. (2) It's summertime and the livin' is easy.
(3) Fogged-in Causeway.

(1) Abbot Hall from Riverhead Beach.
(2) Abbot Hall from the Pleone Yacht Club
(3) A typical June scene around Commercial Street Wharf.

(1) The waters near Peaches Point.
(2) The Yacht Juliet at the Transportation Company wharf,
Tucker's Wharf, Marblehead, Massachusetts.
(3) Just a little hazy, looking from the Causeway towards Abbot Hall.
(4) The steps at Fort Sewall at low tide.

(1) In the wake of a true Marblehead Memorial Day,
the Town's grateful sentiments linger on
The Veterans Memorial Causeway.
(2) Abbot Hall at sunset from the Eastern Yacht Club.
(3) The ramp of the Eastern Yacht Club at sundown.

(1) Can you believe it? Just another Sunday afternoon. In Marblehead, Massachusetts.
(2) Rollerblading on Front Street. (3) Stopping for a breather on Foster Street.

(1) After three hours, three stripers (fly fishing), a little rest on Goldthwaite.
(2) On the way to Commercial Street, kayaking home. Looks like a painting.
We sleep well in Marblehead.
(3) It's a lazy June morning, but the Harbormaster is on patrol.

Foggy Times
A Photo Essay...

(1) Go ahead peek around a corner... (2) Look over the waiting bouys....
(3) Be witness for the rain-slick wharfs, and aromatic traps...

Climb the Hill to Abbot Hall... and breathe deeply...
you are in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Oh, yes, in case you missed it... the famous Clydesdale Horses came to
Marblehead over the weekend.

They were beautiful.