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(1) A foggy flag at Chandler (2) Hovey Park.So foggy the top of the lighthouse is disappearing.
(3) From Cloutman's Boatyard looking upharbor.

(1) Rainbow from Cloutman's in mid-July.
(2) The Hannah Glover, ready to head out to Children's Island.
(3) Hard to believe its just an everyday sight at State Street.

(1) Did you know that you can see Abbot Hall from the top of the Salem/Beverly bridge?
(2) Yacht at Harbor Mouth through the base of the Lighthouse.
(3) The harbor on just another morning in late July.

(1) Moderation at Tucker's Wharf. (2) Relax at Chandler Hovey park at lunch today.
(3) The Gloucester Fisherman.

(1) Abbot Hall From Lower Kimball Street in mid-July.
(2) Lone fisherman in the early morning off Fort Sewall. (3) Gloucester in mid July.

(1) The Stacy Clark at Cloutman's. (2) The estuary in mid July.
(3) Marblehead Artillery on the Fourth Of July preparing to fire.

(1) Abbot Hall from the firebox on the Neck side of the Causeway.
(2) Fort Sewall benches in early July.
Squirrel at Fort Sewall. (3) A double rainbow at Devereux Beach.

(1) Tucker's Wharf on the Fourth of July. (2) Fort Sewall Point on the Fourth Of July.
(3) Abbot Hall through the Harbor fog from the Causeway.

(3) Actually, this photo was taken on July 20, 1997, at around 6 A.M. It is entitled
"TownIsWaiting3.jpg" because that is the day of USS Constitution's visit.
View all of the
pictures (three parts) of that visit.

(1) The Clubhouse at Tedecso Country Club.
(2) Tie-ups at the State Street Landing.
(3) The whaler at the Pleone.

(1) The Corinthian Yacht Club from the Pleone.
(2) Devereux Beach from the farside of the Causeway.
(3) Foster Street in July. (4) When it's hot the harbor is still cool.

(1) The ramp at State Street. (2) It's a great way to exercise, low impact, and see the Town.
(3) The new playground at devereux Beach. Busy as usual.

(1) A harbor sunset in mid-July. (2) The Harbor mid-July from the Causeway, at dusk.
Marblehead, Massachsuetts. (3) Kayaks in the sunset, off the mouth of Marblehead Harbor.

(1) A nice morning at the Landing. Guess where? (2) The sunset at Chandler Hovey Park
in Marblehead, Massachusetts last night. (In case you missed it.)
(3) A very foggy morning near Fort Sewall. In Marblehead, Massachusetts, of course.

(1) A sunset on July 13th at Chandler Hovey Park in Marblehead, Massachusetts.
(2) Now, why exactly, do you go somewhere else for your "vacation?"
Just look at what you're "vacating."
(3) Just a garden off Beacon Street... in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

(1) He is not a fancy guy. He is no politician. But his service to the Town
of Marblehead and to the veterans and the people is second to none in our history.
Quietly serving every day, he is an example for others to follow.
George Carruth, Hall Of Fame Nominee, 1998.
(2) Marblehead Harbor just before dusk on the Fourth Of July 1998.
(3) Catt Island.

(1) Marblehead Harbor from Catt Island. (2) Fort Sewall rocks.
(3) Something unusual here: driving my car through Crocker Park.
(The police made me do it.)

A quiet lunch at Fort Sewall, alone with nature.