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Historic Photo Part 1

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(1) The Fountain Inn around 1915. (2) Gregory Street At the turn of the century.
(3) Starling Burgess Takes A Ride In Little Harbor. (2) Greetings from Marblehead, Mass.

(1) A marblehead Post card Featuring the Lighthouse and a Harbor view. (2) The Rock-Mere Shipyard.
(3) One of Marblehead's most beloved men, Dr. Stanley Hopkins, the "Town Doctor."

(1) A Friendship Sloop Sails off the Lighthouse. (2) The old Clifton Station of the B&M Railroad.
(3) A Marblehead woman, one of the first women pilots.

(1) The Marblehead Depot before the fire, now the home of the National Grand Bank.
(2) The Station after the fire, with the new YMCA in the background.

(1) Marblehead Habor welcomes the New York Fleet around the turn of the century.
(2) Washington Street shop in the 50's.

(1) 1931 Board of Selectmen: One unidentified person, Edward B. O'Brien, Malcolm L. Bell,
F. Howard Lillbridge, Rufus L. Titus, John T. "Boney" Adams and Dick Tutt (Town Clerk),
all standing behind the State Street Garage (behind Penni's) (2) The 1960 Board of Selectmen:
J. Archer Dixey, James N. Skiner, Harold B. L. McIntosh, Norris Harris, J. Hillary Rockett


The Board of Selectmen in 1877: possibly Henry F. Pitman, Henry A. Potter,
Samuel Sparhawk, Thomas Appleton, and Thomas Ingalls.

(1) The Robert Dixey. (2) Vincent Dixey. (3) Photo of USS Constitution in Marblehead Harbor, circa, 1934.

(1) The old trolley in an historic post card, with Town scenes painted on the windows. (2) 1907 Harbor Ice
(3) In 1934, five boys pose on the ice in the middle of the frozen harbor

(1) An old Marblehead Postcard (2) The Adams House at its peak, and (3) The Clifton Station.

(1) Washington Crossing the Deleware. (2) Elm Street around 1910. (3) The Ferry Landing at 1907.

(1) Fountain Inn 1915. (2) The Fort during the Civil War. (3) JOJ Frost painting, "Settling Marbehead"

(1) An old "Marblehead Game." (2) Relaxing at Crocker Park. (3) Abbot Hall from Crocker Park around 1900.
(3) Washington Street door.

(1) The Old Brig at Orne and Pond. (2) The Old Lee Mansion. (3) Samuel Roads, Jr.

(1) The Bolyston. (2) A train resting at Gilbert & Cole. (3) A train at the main station.

(1) The Transportation Landing at around 1900. (2) The old Log Cabin near Lovis Cove.
(3) USS Marblehead Commemorative envelope

(1) 1924 USS Marblehead Post Card 11th Birthday. (2) c.1910 Lighthouse.
(3) c1920s Postcard with a very interesting
view of Old Burial Hill.

(1) All from the 20s: a postcard, view of Abbot Hall from Crocker, and the Old Adams House.

(1) The old Alley Steps as they should be. (2) A sunrise over Childrens Island.
(3) An old view from the end of Waldron Street c. 1910.

(1) The Eastern Yacht Club in the 20s. (2) Fort Beach at the turn of the last century. (3) Front Street in the 30s.

(1) Five Marblehead guys in the 30s. (2) Front street around that time. (3) Front Street in the late 1800s.

(1) Goldthwaite Beach in 1910. (2) An aerial of Marblehead in 1938. (3) A 1925 regatta.

(1) The Lee Mansion in 1940. (2) An Historical Society Postcard of the dining room.
(3) A dramatic postcard of the Lighthouse c1920.

(1) The Lovis Cove Log Cabin c. 1900. (2) The Marblehead Savings Bank at the turn of the century.
(3) The Old Brig in 1905.

(1) Old Burial Hill c. 1900. (2) Washington Street illustration date unknown. (3) Old Town House c. 1910.

(1) Pleasant Street 1906. (2) Rochmere Hotel c. 1900. (3) Seartrain's Album 1960s.

(1) Sewall Street c.1930. (2) A thunderstorm over Marblehead (c. 1910)
(3) Washington Street and Market Square 1930s.

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