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(1) Salem Light from Winter Island in mid-February.
(2) Quite a snow-person, don't you agree? (photo by Blythe Purdin)
(3) Block and tackle waiting for the vessels of spring.

(1) Down the north side of Washington Street towards Bank Square.
(2) MHS in February: cold outside, bustling inside.
(3) Late February at the mouth of the Harbor.

(1) It's cold, but it's beautiful. (2) Five Corners in a snow storm.
(3) Gale's Point in mid-winter.

(1) Snow covered Abbot Hall at night. (2) A Marbleheader's best friend.
An illustration today, just to show you that we like to try new things.
(3) Hobbs Playground, the only toddler play area on Town property.

(1) t's winter over the Harbor. Water temperature -- 29 degrees. (2) Now that's a Valentine's Day Present. This unique, two-piece chocolate heart box filled with gourmet handmade chocolates is truly a wonder to behold: over three pounds of our gourmet chocolate, this chocolate heart box is molded in milk, white, or dark chocolate (your choice) and then filled with heart-shaped truffles, caramel turtles, buttercrunch, giant dipped Australian apricots, and handmade chocolates. $50.00 (including shipping) Only available from Chocolate By Design's Online Store. I know this seems like a advertisement, but, really, you'll thank me. It has an amazing effect. (3) (For NG) Just thought you'd like this one.

(1) Washington Street in February. (2) The Estuary in late February. 6:30 A.M.
(3) Abbot Hall in the snow the other night. The clock faces are under repair,
which is why the times are different

(1) Selectman Bill Woodfin and Jean Eldgridge
at a recent meeting of the Marblehead Board of Selectmen.
(2) Marblehead's water tower at Tower Way.
(3) The Corinthian Yacht Club, waiting for the sunny days of summer.

(1) Goldthwaite Beach in mid-February.
(2) Everything in Marblehead has at least a little flair.
(3) Fire Chief, Barry Dixey 

(1) Yes, we took the picture. It's the perfect gift for her from
Chocolate By Design. Go ahead. Splurge.
(2) "Morning At Doak's Lane." by Stuart Cohen, author of Marblehead 2000,
a photo essay of our Town at the Millennium.
(3) Looking Down Harbor from Fort Beach on February 10, 1999.