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Santa Claus In Marblehead for the Christmas Walk '96.
The Briscoe School Fire in Beverly from just off Beacon Street.

Marblehead Festival Of The Arts concert at Crocker Park.
The Big Tree Fire, so-called, in 1998.

Board Of Selectmen on parade on Memorial Day.

(left) Board candidates night at the Middle School.
(right) The School Committee same night.

Six photos around the Christmas Walk 1997.

Fireworks from a kayak.

Graduation rainout 1998.


You can see it from the parking lot.

Firefighters are there to keep things safe.

The light from the fire made it seem like mid-afternoon.

People were happy... and warm.

Photographer of Marblehead's passage through the millennium,
Stuart Cohen was there with his camera.

But there fire was the main event.

It just burned and burned and people watched.

and watched....

and it just burned and burned.

The 350th Celebration