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Devereux Area
Photos by Bill Purdin
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(1) Devereux Beach from Golthwait Road. Just another bend in the road.
(2) A private archway to the sea on Goldthwait Road.
(3) A sunrise at Devereux Beach

(1) Just another Marblehead streetscape. Orchard Street looking at Goldthwaite Beach.
(2) Post storm surg settles down at Devereux Beach.
(3) Dark skies over Devereux Beach.

(1) A seagull flies over the crashing waves during the Great Storm of '78.
(2) The pavillion at Devereux during a little storm.
(3) Just another stretch of warm sand and blue sky.

(1) Devereux Beach at the end of summer. -- Christy Wozniak Photo
(2) & (3) Litter during the summer, if you can believe it.

No dogs allowed on Devereux.

(1) Moon over Devereux Beach in September.
(2) The new playground at Devereux Beach, courtesy of the Marblehead Family Fund
and The Walk For A Beautiful Town, 1998.