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On the brink of the new millennium, Marblehead appears
much as she did hundreds of years ago.
The Causeway and the modern houses barely touch
the image of the timeless beauty of our harbor.

(1) Fort Sewall dinghy, December 12th.
(2) Just a dinghy on Fort Beach at low tide on the day before Christmas.
(3) A tranquil December scene at Fort Beach with the Frostbiters racing in the background.

(1) The Old Town House over the weekend.
(2) Looking down at the Rock Haven Sea Grill and the Adams House, of old.
(3) The estuary on December 5th.

(1) December can be tough on sailors.
(2) Abbot Hall from Parker Lane in early December.
(3) In Marblehead, there are no bad views. End of Parker Lane in early December.
(4) A mid-December morning on Front Street.

(1) Just off Transportation a week ago. It was on our way to lunch. We stopped for a moment
and watched a swan go by. It was quiet, amazing... only Marblehead. (2) Hard to believe, isn't it?
(3) Here's a guy flyfishing at Seaside Park on Christmas.

(1) Nice surf off Fort Sewall. (2) The saddest sight in a mariner's life.
(3) Sunrise at a special turn in the road on Ocean Avenue, Marblehead, Massachusett.

(1) Dark skies over Devereux Beach, in Marblehead, Massachusetts.
(2) This is what I was doing at 6:30 A.M.
(3) 6 A.M. and there's a little fog coming in...

(1) At the mouth of the Essex River, off Ipswich, near some old pierposts.
(2) The mouth of the Essex River by kayak. (3) Stormy harbor in December.

(1) Grace Oliver's Cove in December. The evergreens seem like Summer
but the water temperature is in the 50's now.
(2) The rocks at Fort Beach. (3) Devereux Beach overflow.

(1) Fort Beach on a Sunday Day in late Fall. (2) Dead low at the Fort.