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(1) Abbot Hall just after sunset from the Corinthian Yacht Club.
(2) CYC ramp at dusk.

(1) The benches at Fort Sewall.
(2) Fountain Lane from Fort Sewall.
(3) A fogged-in Veterans' Memorial Causeway in the early morning.

(1) A beachcomber walks Devereux at 6 AM.
(2) A schooner at the mouth of Marblehead Harbor.
(3) The famous Foster Street view of the Harbor and Abbot Hall.

Just another estuary shot. Still, it's one of the nicest spots in Marblehead.

Paddling around, I thought you might like this one. Off Peaches Point,
in Marblehead, Massachusetts, of course.

A kayaker's view of Abbot Hall from just below Lee Street.

On a plaque beneath the flagpole at Fort Sewall.

General Casimir Pulaski.
Arrived in Salem Harbor at Fort Sewall, Marblehead
July 13, 1727.
Revolutionary War Hero
Polish American Patriot
Died in Battle at Savannah, GA.
October 11, 1779
Erected 1989
Polish American Congress
Eastern Massachusetts

He was buried at sea from aboard the Wasp.

Fire Chief, Charles Maurais.
A man in his element.

Devereux Beach in early August.