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Around the Harbor
Photos by Bill Purdin

The Archives

(1) Fly fishing at Fort Sewall Rocks. -- Suzanne Metivier
(2) The view from the top of the Red Steps out to a glistening harbor and ocean beyond.
(3) An overcast cast day on Skinner's Head.
(4) Chumming with the gulls at Commercial Street Wharf.
(5) The ramp at the Eastern Yacht Club.
(6) The fishermen's ramp at State Street landing in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

(1) Cloutman's Boatyard, looking at an empty Marblehead Harbor throough boats up for the winter.
Marblehead Harbor in the autumn of 1996.
(3) Dead empty off Cloutman's. Two ducks swimming. (4) The boats are coming out at Cloutman's.
(5) Riverhead Beach & The Ocean beyond from Red Steps. (6) Looking upharbor from Red Steps.

The beautiful (and famous) "lobsta yacht" Muscobe.

(left) Crocker Park and Marblehead Harbor, both quiet and empty in November.
(right) In a setting sun, the Boston Yacht Club's main pier and the empty harbor.

(left) Looking from Cliff Street to a late afternoon harbor.
(right) Riverhead Beach at low tide.

(left) Marblehead Harbor in the late afternoon.
(right) Cloutman's Boatyard at water level with an empty November Harbor.

(left) Lobster traps are starting to come out at Commercial Street.
(right) Marblehead Harbor sunset with Abbot Hall in the distance.

(left) The boat ramp at Little Harbor.
(right) The Habor From the bottom of Cliff Street.

(left) The Boston Yacht Club from Skinner's Head in Marblehead.
(right) A shack at Cloutman's Boatyard in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

(left) The boats show through as the fog slowly burns off in Marblehead.
(right) A view of the Marblehead Yacht Club in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

(left) Commerical Street Wharf halfway down the gangway.
(right) Commercial Street Wharf.

(left) A storm surges off the Barnacle Restuarant.
(right) Nice and calm again. Lunch?

(left) A foggy day in Timmy Lane's Cove.
(right) A sunset from the Causeway.

Almost like a painting from Commercial Street up harbor.

(left & right) Looking from Transportation towards Crocker Park.

(left) Corinthian Yacht Club from its main pier.
(right) From the Corinthian Porch, across the pier, towards Abbot Hall.

(left) The CYC's underporch looking towards Beverly.
(right) The CYC porch in Winter.

(left) The rocks at Castle Rock.
(right) Foster Road has one of the best views in Town.

(left) From my kayak near Tinker's Bell the camera caught an unusual effect.
(right) The Stacey H. Clark, resting in the harbor.

(left) Out off the Northeast tip of Children's Island.
(right) Off to work we got at Fort Beach.

(left) The rail along Front Street.
(right) The Pleon Yacht Club.

(left and right) Red Steps.

(left) Looking down and (right) up the West Shore Shore.

The view from 168 Front Street.

Cloutman's getting ready in the spring.

Near the Fire Box on the Causeway looking at the Neck.

(3) Through the rail fence on Front Street looking down harbor in early December.