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Marblehead in April
Photos by Bill Purdin
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(1) Cats will be cats.
(2) A Little Harbor morning.
(3) The USS Glover in Marblehead before being mothballed.

(1) A stormy day near Fort Beach. (1) Ram Island on an April morning.
The path from the top of Fort Sewall, in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

(1) Just a little choppy at State Street in April.
(2) A stormy April day shares its beauty
With a beholder who knows
The rocks that coast the line
And the waves that kiss and lick
Like wet fingers that linger in gentle
Yet insistent implorings
As well as his own wishings
Ebbing away in secret recesses
Like tide pools drying in the wind unseen.
(3) More of the same.

(1) "Chains" (2) The rocks off Marblehead Neck in an ebbing tide.
(3) The old railroad bridge at Lead Mills at low tide in early April. | Search | Ask | Archives | Online Store | Contact Us
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