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Abbot Hall
Photos by Bill Purdin

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(1) Abbot Hall from Lee Street.
(2) Abbot in a sheeting snow storm
(3) Abbot Hall sunset mid-February.


(1) Abbot Hall from Foster Street in January.
(2) Abbot From Skinner's Head
(3) Abbot Hall from below.

(1) Abbot Hall from below the South face.
(2) From the back of Lee Street in BYC parking lot.
(3) From Atlantic Avenue
((4) Abbot Hall at night from a balcony on Tucker Street.

(1) Abbot Hall from Washington Street, lookng up at the North face
(2) Abbot Hall from underneath the EYC pier.
(3) A night shot
(4) Exactly, what time is it? South and East faces are different.

(1) Abbot Hall from the Harbor off Henry Bays apartments.
(2) Abbot Hall from harbor off the BYC pier.
(3) From Riverhead Beach. | Search | Ask | Archives | Online Store | Contact Us
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